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WHO Amendments Threaten US Sovereignty

Now is the time to take IMMEDIATE AND MASSIVE ACTION to spread the word around the world regarding the upcoming meetings the World Health Organization has scheduled.

Undivided, We Multiply

Our health freedoms can’t be left to chance in future elections. We must press the advantage and get some laws in place that will put firm ground under our sane administration so insane rulers can’t wash it all away with “the next pandemic.”

Protected from the Constitution

The Bill of Rights' main function was once to protect citizens from the Federal Government, but that government (with a few amendments and interpretations) now protects us from the Constitution.

Mask Mandates in History

Anastásia's ability to perform miracles, even while muzzled, included healing her oppressors. She was martyred through starvation or from tetanus as the metal rusted in her mouth.

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